Pot Farm is a Facebook game in which you grow your own weed. The aim of the game is to make your own pot farm a thriving success by completing quests and getting upgrades.

Sounds like fun, yes? Yeah, no. Sure, the game starts out fun enough. It's great way to relax or waste a couple of minutes on mindless entertainment. But you'll need to waste a lot more than minutes if you want to do proper upgrades... Unless, of course, you shell out for Pot Bucks.

Yep, Pot Farm is another one of those addictive but ultimately unsatisfying 'freemium' games. In a freemium game, new levels, achievements and rewards come at the price of cold hard real-world cash. Granted, it's possible to play the game without buying Pot Bucks, but wow, does the waiting get boring quickly! So here's a thought that may not even have crossed your mind before: How about starting a REAL pot farm of your own?

Instead of forking over your hard-earned dollars for virtual credits - in other words, for nothing real, how about paying a small amount for some top-notch, completely REAL marijuana seeds? Instead of waiting for a tedious upgrade to finish, wait for a precious seedling to grow big and strong. And instead of unlocking a new pot plant that is actually just a bunch of pixels, reap some real rewards... like a homegrown smoke of superior quality!

You might think it a bit of a stretch, but growing pot in real life is surprisingly easy, not to mention extremely rewarding. If you can manage it in-game, you'll do fine in your own backyard or closet.

Wondering where and how to get started? Visit Nirvana Shop and choose from 30+ superb cannabis strains at very reasonable prices! Nirvana also offers a range of products to maximize yields and make growing a breeze. Stellar customer service and world-wide shipping in discreet "stealth" packaging makes Nirvana one of the best-loved brands around.

Nirvana Shop is affiliated with WeedPortal, your one-stop weed resource. Here, you will find all the help you need to get your real pot farm going: a guide on how to grow, various shops to stock up on supplies, and a great community for sharing experiences and tips.

In all seriousness, Pot Farm is a beautifully designed game from the inventive developers at East Side Games. And if the thrill of real-life pot farming is not for you, then this game is a fool-proof and risk-free alternative. But in the end, it will always be just a game. And like many forms of online entertainment, it has nothing on the real thing...

So it's time to stop dreaming! Playing Pot Farm was fun for a while, but you are ready to level up and enjoy the real deal. Growing Nirvana Shop weed is as good as it gets. And that moment of finally lighting up your first, well-deserved, homemade joint? Unforgettable!

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