Marijuana farm ready for setup

Marijuana farmDo you also think it’s time for a new challenge in your life? Are you thinking about setting up a marijuana farm? Growing marijuana is quite easy if you know how to do it. Luckily, we provide you with lots of information on this topic.

How to manage a marijuana farm

To manage a marijuana farm, you’ll need to follow 4 simple steps. Get your seeds, geminate them, plant them and harvest them. If that doesn’t sound easy enough, you can also order many tools to make it even more simple.

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Obtaining your marijuana seeds

Many people think obtaining the seeds is one of the hardest parts of running your own marijuana farm. That’s not true. You can order them right now by using only your computer and your creditcard. We recommend you to buy seeds via Nirvana shop.

  • They’re shipping to almost every country.
  • It’s an extremely very safe and reliable website.
  • The seeds offered by Nirvana aren’t expensive.
  • Cannacompare awards them with an 8.6 out of 10.
  • You can choose from a wide selection of strains.

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  • eline van der windt

    i would love to be work on amarijuana farm. i can work hard and the only things i need is a place to sleep, some food and a ticket, if anyone can provide that for me ill put all my enery and knowledge about the plant in. please contact me on or call me at 0031628359406 thanks!

  • yonatan bardas

    halo everyone my name is yonatan bardas i 23 years old from Israel and i hope to find work in marijuana or cannabis farms.
    i would work all day and night and i don’t car about the many i just want to learn about this amazing Flowers.
    i have visa to USA plz pplz plz!

    phone : 0524738683

  • Thomas Mahoney

    Will you ship to a US State where marijuana is illegal?

  • Bob

    I have a client that wants to start a medical marijuana growing business in Illinois. He wants me to help with a business plan. Does any one have any info on start up expenses, financial history, profit margins etc. I guess I am looking for info from someone thats been through a start up in another state and doesn’t mind sharing some info for our plan in Illinois. Thanks.

  • Southern Illinois Farmer

    I am likewise working on my business-plan while searching for viable information. At present working with legit medical grower in Colorado. Also have resource up north. If you want to broaden this conversation, get back…


  • organic fertilizer producer

    People that are wanting to start growing Jr and legal I have organic fertilizer to help it be bigger fast better growing. Contacts me through

  • Chris


    I’m Chris, an Italian boy 31-year-old.
    Not for long I have lost the job because of thiscrisis, but now I want to realize my dream, that it is that to work in a Pot farm.
    I wanted to ask to you kindly if you can give somecouncil to me on this, and on that type of approval Ineed in order to make this type of job.

    Graces a lot

  • Steven Steward

    Hello! My name is Steven Steward. I live in Lebanon, TN, which is
    about 25 miles east of Nashville. I believe my state is about to pass a
    medical marijuana law, allowing pharmacies to dispense marijuana and
    doctors to prescribe it! I have a 186 acre farm and would like to be on
    the ground floor of farming when the law goes into effect! Any help
    you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

    I know many
    people who suffer from cancer, MS, and any number of debilitating
    diseases that benefit from marijuana use. Although it is illegal in my
    state right now, soon the tens of thousands of people suffering in
    Tennessee will be able to get relief from the many different symptoms
    they have thanks to the many medical advantages of marijuana!

    want to help as many people as I can by giving the pharmacies and
    dispensaries a reliable and local source of marijuana. I only have a
    few problems! I know how to grow and harvest the marijuana, but I don’t
    know how to go about doing it legally! What do I need to do to become a
    legal farmer when the law passes? I’ve been to get a business and an
    agricultural license, but they tell me I cannot get any kind of license
    for that until the law passes. Also, they have no idea what else I
    would have to do either! I know the FDA has to be involved somehow, but
    once again, I don’t know what to do there either!

    Any help or
    information you could give me would be greatly appreciated! I have
    investors willing to put up large amounts of money to get my operation
    going in the form of soil conservation, greenhouses, irrigation,
    fertilization, and any number of things I will need. I have future
    employees waiting to come on board from planting to harvesting, even
    security! As I wrote earlier, I just don’t know where to begin as far
    as the bureaucratic side of things go. I appreciate your time in
    reading my plea for help! Thank you in advance for any help you could

    Very Sincerely,

    Steven Steward

  • piggy


    The part you will require is the management and business core knowledge of the law. Illinois has began the process by creating legislation that is passed on to the regulatory agencies, i.e. Dept of Agriculture, Professional License and Revenue. These Department then create regulations, by which a business can function. So until Tennessee passes a law you won’t have any way to lay a foundation for your business plan. You see, Illinois is structured different than any of the other 19 states and they are different than each other. Some might be similar in structure but more lien-ant or stringent than another. My suggestion is for you to get on board with somebody in a state that has a law currently enacted.


  • Steven Steward

    Thank you for the information! I’ve written to a number of farms in states where marijuana farming is legal, but have yet to receive any information. The possibilities are endless with my current business plan, and I’m really excited to get my farm up and running! Thanks again for the help!

  • Colorado Brian

    Grow an 18″ plant in 60 days with a 42 watt cfl light, and get an ounce of fresh marijuana for under $20 at

  • Colorado Brian for a new outta sight, outta mind seed

  • audiman

    anyone familiar with start ups in california

  • Glenn E. Martin

    I have a public company moving into the legal & MM field. Would love to have you join up with us as we are a seed to sale corp. moving into all jurisdictions. It’s not to early to get ready for TN. My daughter and some family live in Chattanooga….g

  • Curtis Hummel

    Hey, Bob. I would like to help you set up and cultivate this medicine. I live in Illinois and am willing to travel to wherever you want the farm to be. I believe that there are strict regulations regarding the cultivation and selling of medical marijuana so the market will be smaller than I had hoped, but there is still a market, and I would love to get into it. Let me know If you want two more helping hands.

  • Curtis Hummel

    I can only help as a farm hand, but I would like to do that…186 acres has a lot of potential. Currently I live in Illinois, but I have very little connection to it. Let me know if you need an extra hand. (618) 791-1093

  • customer

    I know of a legit, very nice and reliable strain/seed source that their signature strains are seriously out of this WORLD good!! They hook you up with insane amounts of freebies if I might add!! Im a customer 4 life!! DnSgenetics all the way.. ;)

  • dank

    they sure do!! give out hell of good freebies to.. + free 2 day shipping w/ any order!!

  • Brother Sage

    Looking for a hemp farm to produces hemp sprouts in USA.

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